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Is weight loss surgery right for you?

If you've been thinking about weight loss surgery as a tool in losing your excess weight and maintaining
your ongoing health goals, you can use the guideline below to determine if weight loss surgery is in fact the correct option for you.

You may be able to benefit from weight loss surgery if:

  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You are at least 100 pounds overweight or your BMI is 40 or higher
    (or at least 35 if you have one or more weight-related health conditions - such as
    type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, degenerative joint disease or sleep apnea)

To determine if your weight and physical attributes meet the criteria for weight loss surgery, enter your approximate weight and height below and press the "Calculate BMI" button.

Your Results
Height Entered: ' ''
Weight Entered: lbs
Calculated BMI: 0
What this means: Based on calculations of the height and weight you have entered, your Body Mass Index (0) indicates that you fall into the Underweight1 category. To find out what this means in terms of your level of health risk, please see the chart below.
Underweight1 18.4 or less Possible
Normal weight2 18.5-24.9 Minimal/Low
Overweight3 25-29.9 Increased
Obese4 30-34.9 High
Morbidly Obese5 35-39.9 Very High
Severely Obese6 40 or higher Extremely High

Please keep in mind that only a qualified physician/surgeon can properly evaluate all the factors in your case. This result is only a guideline that may help you make the decision to seek more information about weight loss surgery.

Weight Loss Surgery Common questions regarding the LAP-BAND Adjustable Gastric Banding System. Use the BMI calculator to determine if the LAP-BAND System is right for you.Use the BMI calculator to determine if the LAP-BAND System is right for you. .