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Read about the Lap-Band Procedure, and watch an informative video. Answers to some common questions about the Lap-Band System Are you a candidate for the Lap-Band surgery? Find out here.

Utilized in hundreds of thousands of weight loss surgeries around the world, the LAP-BAND® procedure may be the ideal solution to help you achieve your goals. For a brief overview of the LAP-BAND® procedure, click here.

A simpler procedure than Gastric Bypass, and unlike the LAP-BAND® procedure, a Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure does not require the placement of an artificial device inside the abdomen. To learn more, click here.

By surgically reducing the size of the stomach to a pouch of one ounce or less, a Gastric Bypass procedure will allow patients to feel full more quickly and reduce their food/calorie intake resulting in weight loss. Click here to learn more.